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I am using MacOSX Catalina.
I dragged "InstallMGTools_WrittenByMiguel.mel" and dropped it into the Maya viewport.
I then click my way to "Install", and then things start loading, but halfway through a message pops saying it can't be installed as the source isn't verified.

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MGTools can run in osX Catalina.
It is just MacOSX Catalina started to force every app or plugin developer to sign up to Apple as a developer, and have their app and plugin notarized by Apple.
The overall process is not easy (and not free), in the long run, I will manage to get that done, but before that, please follow this one-off process to make it work.

Ps. I missed the chance to snapshot for MGTools Plugin, so I tried it on the bundle plugins of cam2dViewer just to demonstrate the process. So in the user machine, it will be "MGTools_2020x64.bundle" instead of "cam2dViewer_2020x64.bundle" in each pop-up dialog. 

  • When you install MGTools, a dialog will pop up which is similar to the pic as shown below:
    Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.43.03 pm.png
  • Click cancel and close the installation dialog, no need to exit Maya. 
  • Go to Security & Privacy in Preferences:
        Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 11.03.54 pm.png
  • Go to General, it will show the bundle was blocked.
  • Click the lock button at the left of "Click the lock to make changes" label.
  • Enter the password to unlock the settings to allow the change.
  • Click the "Allow Anyway"
  • Go back to Maya, drag and drop the InstallMGTools_WrittenByMiguel.mel to start the installation again.
  • This time, it will still pop up a dialog, but with an extra "Open" option:
    Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.44.02 pm.png
  • Click the "Open" button and the installation will go on.

Unfortunately, you have to repeat the rough process for all 4 MGTools bundle plugins: MGTools, animRescue, cam2dViewer and MGautoSave, same when you a new MGTools version that changes these plugins. sad


If when you try to launch the app, the dialog popped up was different, like this:

Then you follow this ANSWER.