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When I double click the MG-LicenceConenctor App in MacOSX Catalina, it said it is unable to load, unlike the app not verified problem which can be turned on in Security preference.

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For the new release, this shall be addressed.

Download the new connector release for MacOS

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This is because somehow the binary file inside the is no longer executable.

To fix that, you need to download the latest package from HERE.

Now you can try double click on, see if the warning change from 'can't be opened' problem above to 'Not verified' problem HERE, if it is, just follow that answer there.

If not, then do this:

The package comes with a script fixNotLoadable.command, which make the binaries executable.

But first, you need to make the fixNotLoadable.command executable:

Then you execute the script and follow the gif below:

You only need to do that for once.

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For the new release, this shall be addressed.

Download the new connector release for MacOS