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How do I create a select all button? So it queries all the buttons assigned to the picker, is there a built in option for that?

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Yes, you can.

One way to do it is by creating a command button, then you can choose some quick code snippet from the picker property editor, `MGP_EvalPickerAllSelectButtons` for selecting all nodes in the picker file, while `MGP_EvalPanelAllSelectButtons` is for selecting nodes in that picker panel. Each of mel procedural take mode int value for add/toggle/remove select etc.

If you don't like the mel procedural version, use these direct cmds calls, which are more friendly for Python:

MGPickerView -e -selectPickerButtons $mode;  // select all nodes in the whole picker file

MGPickerView -e -selectPanelButtons $mode;   // select nodes in the picker panel