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I want to install python packages like iutest so that they are available in Maya, using pip install.

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For some Maya distribute in some OS platform, pip might already be available.

You can simply do this to test:

/path/to/maya/../mayapy -m pip --version

If this did print out the version correctly, it means pip is all good.

Now to install a python package like iutest you just simply do:

/path/to/maya/../mayapy -m pip install iutest

End of story.


If pip is not available yet for your mayapy:

  1. Download the , put it in the root of Maya's python "site-packages" folder.
  2. To know where is the "site-packages" folder, just do:
    /path/to/maya/../mayapy -m site

    It will print out a list of sites, the one inside Maya installation directory and ends with "site-packages" is the directory you want to put the to.

  3. With get-pip module ready, we run it to install pip:

    /path/to/maya/../mayapy -m get-pip
  4. Now pip is ready. You can try the trick at the start to check pip and install packages.