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hello mr gao.

i had this weird question for a good purpose.


lets just say you have your own written picker. and lets just say that it has this add command function. it can run pymel or python etc.

i'm actually using animschool picker and had been thinking this question for a very long time.

the add command button on pickers are extremely useful and kinda can be used as little pose libraries. with one click it can make a hand a fist or can make a characters face blink etc!

now i wasn't able to solve 1 thing for a long time and its so frustrating.


for example lets say a character rig has a hand and it's fingers are posed as a fist. The problem is how can i get every controller's different rotate, scale or translate attributes from channelbox with one command as in pyq or pymel?

and those values can be listed in the script editor at one go?


my method is to click all controllers one by one and carefully select all those tabs in channelbox and reenter values simply by selecting and by pressing enter.

this way the entire setattr command will look in the script editor and i'll copy&paste them to script boxes. as you can understand this is extremely long process for total face poses or lip sync shapes.

is there a faster way to get translate, rotate or other specific channelbox values?


i'm waiting for your reply impatiently. thank you very much mr gao and take care. this particular question of mine is very important for me.

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Hi There,

You don't need to manually get attribute values like that, MG-Picker Studio already gets the pose button creation feature: