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I'd like to find out if you know of any causes for crashing while using multiple anim pickers.
Multiple animators are reporting that their Maya (2022.4) hangs when they have multiple pickers open at the same time, and they're working with the Graph Editor.
Their Maya's would hang from 15 seconds to indefinitely, requiring a force-quit or even having to restart their pc's to break out of the freeze.

Is this something you have encountered before?

We are currently using the latest stable version of MGPicker (1.99) on multiple Maya versions (2022.4 and 2024.1), however 2022.4 seems to be the least stable so far.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the feedback.

I haven't received any other feedback like this so far from other studio license holders. 

It is hard to conclude without hands-on the Maya scene, what I can do here is do my best guess.
These are things to check:

  1. Does it still hang without the picker UI ever opened? Select controls from multiple characters with Graph Editor on. 
  2. Check the script editor to see what is running background when the selection changes. There could be some in-house callbacks and scripts.
  3. Check the callback commands that were put in the picker file, e.g. "Enter Command", "Loaded command", and "namespace changed command". Switch to the edit tool and right-click on picker view, select "Edit Picker Commands.." The code there is totally in the picker designer's hand, if there is bad performance code there, it will also impact a lot.
  4. Is your picker file attribute button and slider heavy? Especially sliders? They install many script jobs to watch the attribute values in order to sync the Maya attribute values and sliders/attribute buttons. The performance of these script jobs is mainly up to the performance of the rig,  whether these attribute values are expensive to evaluate.
  5. Use Maya profiler to profile the hang, or use VTune to spot the culprit who eats up all the resources.
  6. Try the new version 2, available as beta atm here: