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I built a facial picker with a bunch of slider buttons.  They work great, but if I use the slider to change a value and then hit undo (ctrl-Z), the slider button does not return to its previous position.  The facial control updates correctly and returns to its previous state, but the slider button either stays where it is, or returns to some random incorrect position.

If I click the picker panel to bring it into focus, the slider button sometimes returns to the correct position after a few seconds.  It's very strange.  It's like it's not refreshing the picker panel.

For example, I have a brow control set to TY=0.  I use the slider button to raise the brow to a value of TY = 3.  I then hit ctrl-Z to undo, the brow lowers to TY=0, but the slider button stays up in the TY = 3 position.  If I click on the picker panel, it will sometimes correct and update itself.  Other times, it does not.

This is problematic because the picker controls do not reflect the state of the controls and confuse the animator.  I'm in Maya 2022 Linux.  Any solutions?  Thanks.

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I could not reproduce such an issue on the latest MG-Picker Studio.

The slider handle is updated correctly on undo. What is your version of MG-Picker Studio?

Could you try the v2 (they are still in beta)?

Also when you undo, is there any rig error issued in the script editor?