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// Error: file: D:/ryanp/Pictures/Maya Plugins/MGTools_Release_Windows.v3.4.releaseDate2021-05-23/InstallMGTools_WrittenByMiguel.mel line 1842: Cannot find procedure "installAllMGtoolsToShelf".

I have a new version of mayaLT2020 and am trying to install mgtools.  I used to have maya2020 but my license ran out and I am using the cheaper LT version for a bit.  I did completely uninstall regular maya2020 from my machine and everything else autodesk as well.  
When I open a new session of maya and drag the appropriate file listed in your directions to the 3d port window, it begins the install process.  It now stalls with that error listed above for "step 3" every single time I try it.  I wasn't sure if there was some compatibility issue with LT or

if there is an issue with older version of MGpicker i had on a version of maya back in 2017, but have not been using since then.  
Thank you for any help! : )

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Hi Artofrpd,

I cannot reproduce the issue on my machine.

What I could suggest is please redownload it here:

make sure the downloaded zip is complete and unzip well. Don't touch anything, keep the InstallMGTools_WrittenByMiguel.mel in place and drag and drop it into Maya viewport.

If this remains, please email providing more info like snapshots etc so we can have further discussion.