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Welcome to MG-Picker Studio !




MG-Picker Studio is a very intuitive and animator friendly maya picker tool, with the a powerful feature that enables you to create your own customised picker without any prior knowledge in coding.


Main Feature List :

1.Design powerful, animator-friendly pickers even without any coding.

2.Very rich picker interaction with animator, selection synchronization.

3.Multiple picker views at the same time, zoomable picker view.

4.Select-button for node selecting.

5.Command-button for command executing.

6.Attribute-button to control other picker item visibilities as well as maya attribute.

7.Slider to control two attributes maximum via its translation in x/y.

8.Text item to annotate your picker.

9.Picker panel to organize your picker.

10.1-click to create all the types above.

11.Snapshot for images used in picker, image editing within the tool.

12.Pose command-button with thumbnail images.

13.Free-form picker shapes, fully customizable looking. Supports polygon and bezier curve button shape drawing.

14.Design left/right clicking menu for each picker item.

15.Powerful mirroring feature.

16.Embedable within asset using maya's build-in node type.

17.Templates to speed up picker creation.

18.Full solution for distributing pickers among the production pipeline.

19.Rich mechanism for extending the picker functionality. All picker items are fully programmable using MEL/Python API.

20.No custom node types, maya scene is totally independent of the tool.


MG-Picker Studio  OS & Maya Requirement :

Click here to view OS & Maya Requirement


About the Developer :

Miguel Gao, a character animator,  animation TD and now a software developer of Animal Logic, am also the developer of Maya animator utility belt: MGTools Pro.

Visit the "About Miguel"  to know more. more



Any bug reports or suggestion will be appreciated.  Please e-mail to mgpickerstudio@gmail.com to provide your feedback.


Use MG-Picker Studio in your own language:

MG-Picker Studio utilizes Qt's translation mechanism, and could be translated into your local language using a tool called Qt Linguist.

If you are willing to contribute, to translate MG-Picker Studio into your local language,

please contact mgpickerstudio@gmail.com to ask for the .ts file, which will be greatly appreciated. The full translation will cost you maybe three days.


Thanks for using MG-Picker Studio! Enjoy!






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