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What is the overall workflow? How can I connect to the floating license in MGTools?

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The overall workflow:

  1. Download and install the tools, try it out.
  2. Sign up in for free, and subscript using PayPal.
  3. MGLAND sets up the license record and emails the notification.
  4. Download the MG-LicenceConnector from the same link above.
  5. Connect MGTools to the floating license and enjoy it.

So here is how to do step 5:


  1. The path to MG-LicenceConnector executable to pick up is different in the different operating systems. 
    - In Windows it is MG-LicenceConnector.exe
    - In MacOSX it is
    - In Linux it is MG-LicenceConnector
  2. You only need to pick up the executable once, if you quite Maya normally, next time it will know where to launch the connector.
  3. If you check on the "Remember Me" option in the connector, you don't need to input the password the next time.
  4. If you launch the connector manually and log in, in MGTools you need to select the login menu again to let it know.

Here is how to protect your floating license credential: