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Is there a way to set up a hotkey for the buttons in the lower section of the Attribute Editor, specifically the "=" ?  It would save me a ton of time to get that set up. :)

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The feature is not built-in in MG-Picker Studio.

In theory, you can do that using command python API. The idea will be to get the currently selected button id in picker view (cmds.MGPickerView(q=True, select=True)), grab the Maya selection (, and use cmds.MGPickerItem(theId, selectMembers="nodeDagPathsJointBySpace") to set the object list.

And you save the script as run time command in Maya and attach a hotkey using the Maya hotkey editor. But the thing is, MG-Picker Studio already occupy many hotkeys in designer UI mode, so if you have the UI activated, you need to use a hotkey that is not occupied.